My Work


Oak rabbit bench



This is a jewellery desk made for Zelda and Zak. Yew, mdf, oak and acrylic. 



Flamingo, made from English yew, ash, mdf,  acrylic, and lacquer. This thing sits about 1.25m high. Very time consuming to make this. I had to cut acrylic, shape it, sand it, wet and dry it, polish it and heat it up and bend it into shape. Not to mention drilling and gluing into place. I like it and look forward to making similar projects. 


Another weird table. Oak, various woods, Mdf, resin, acrylic, lacquer, etc. So, this one is obviously quite garish. I can't wait to work with this idea, make better versions of the same basic design. I really enjoy mixing materials, but am oh so aware that I'm in a minority here on this front. Everyone likes wood, "And it shouldn't be spoilt with all these rubbish plastic bits" yada yada yada.. Well I like wood on it's own, but I love these mixed material ideas and am not ready to be dissuaded on that. 


Reepicheep bench, made for Bury knowle Park, Oxford. Sponsored by Rosemary Belton. Made from oak, with laburnum feather, yew sword, walnut hilt and a cyprus tail. Oh and he has glass eyes. Hopefully vandals don't break his sword, tail etc.. job done 09-2013


This was a present for my friends in Chiapas. They live outside San Cristobal, kind of in the 60's, certainly in a kind of paradise, if perhaps a hippy paradise. Sam, Stephanie and their girls Zoe and Cheyenne. I made it from an old beam I found sat out in a feild. I lived with these guys in 2000, prior to their girls being born. And visited them, march 2013. Hope I have lots more time with them again, as soon as possible. 


Sign for a high end Holiday let, Tulum, Mexico. I enjoyed making this sign.

Eynsham bench

This is an old job. Perhaps 2005. It was for Eynsham Hall, Oxfordshire. It's Red Oak, 4-5m long. Should last forever,. .ish. It's my mate Sam sat modeling this. 



This is a big open winged pelican. He's actually the top feature of the seahorse sign, (elsewhere in my work) but I'll try and put him together here, with all his other pelican friends. I made loads of brown pelicans, for Zamas hotel/restaurant, Tulum, Mexico. Please check out Zamas bench, for more information. This one, sits on top of a pole, holding said sign up. I don't fancy his chances, next time hurricane season comes round, hopefully he'll be moved.



This is a bench for Bury knowle park, Oxford. It's Oak, has space for 5 people, 2 owls and a mouse.